Couple Retro Skull Street Casual Printed Hoodie

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Type:  MenStyle
Size:  S


The skull hoodie from the Valentine's Day series is a unique and interesting choice that combines the romantic Valentine's Day atmosphere with the individual style of skull elements. Here are some suggested combinations:

Skull hoodie: Choose a hoodie with a skull pattern, which can be printed, embroidered or graffiti in different design styles. In the Valentine's Day collection, you can choose skull designs with heart patterns or romantic elements to add to the festive atmosphere.

Bottom matching: You can choose a pair of jeans, casual pants or sweatpants as the bottom matching. According to personal preferences and the requirements of the occasion, choose the appropriate style and color to increase the fashion and comfort of the overall look.

Accessories selection: You can match it with some cool accessories, such as hats, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Choose accessories that echo the style of the skull hoodie to add personalization and flair to the overall look.

Shoe Choice: For footwear, you can choose a pair of casual shoes, sneakers, or canvas shoes. Choose the right style and color according to the style of the overall look to add coolness and comfort.

Colorful and Colorblocked: The skull hoodies from the Valentine's Day collection are available in bright colors and vibrant patterns. You can try to combine a variety of colors and patterns to create a unique visual effect.
The Skull Hoodie from the Valentine's Day collection is a bold and statement-making choice for those looking for a unique style and expression of individuality. Remember to choose the size and style that suits you to ensure the comfort and effect of the garment. At the same time, according to the requirements of the occasion, the matching of styles can be adjusted appropriately to show a suitable fashion style.

- Machine wash with same color
- Washing separately avoiding cross-color-Please check the US standard with size chart of bust and length , abt 2-4cm difference by figure or manual measurement