Women's Plus Size Faith Leopard Print Patchwork Hoodie Set

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Type:  Hoodie
Color:  Green
Size:  L


  • Women's large size L-9XL hip-hop style hoodie and sweatpants two-piece set is a fashionable and comfortable combination. suitable for women to show their unique personality. This kind of clothing usually has the following characteristics:
  • Hoodies: Hip-hop style hoodies usually have a loose design and use bright colors and patterns to attract the eye. The loose fit provides a comfortable fit while inspiring a sense of personal freedom and unrestrictedness.
  • Sweatpants: Sweatpants are a classic piece of hip-hop style. They usually have a loose design. comfortable fabrics. and are equipped with multiple pockets and straps. Large size sweatpants can give women enough space and flexibility to create a casual and handsome style.
  • Fabric selection: Hip-hop style hoodie and sweatpants two-piece sets usually use comfortable and breathable cotton fabrics to ensure comfort and adaptability to different seasons.

  • Overall. this plus-size hip-hop style hoodie and sweatpants two-piece set allows women to express their personality and attitude while maintaining style and comfort. Hope this information is helpful! If you have questions about anything else. please feel free to ask.

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